About X Rocks Las Vegas


From the minds behind the popular topless revue "X Burlesque" comes the sexy show "X Rocks" -- a show that combines hot dancers with iconic songs to create a performance to capture the hearts of rock 'n' roll fans everywhere.
Husband-and-wife team Matt and Angela Stabile have created and produced striptease spectaculars on the Las Vegas Strip and in downtown for the past 10 years. With "X Rocks" the duo have married an intense rock soundtrack with iconic songs by the bands who put the "heavy" in Heavy Metal. together with sultry dance choreography.
"We've taken some of the most powerful rock songs of all time and combined them with erotic, high-energy choreography and unbelievable sets to create a show unlike any we've ever produced," Angela said. "With surprises throughout, 'X Rocks' delivers on its name and then some."
"X Rocks" also features comedian John Bizarre. You may have seen Bizarre performing stand-up comedy on "The Tonight Show," Showtime and Comedy Central. In "X Rocks" Bizarre takes on the challenge of being the funny guy in the midst of a burlesque show. And no, he doesn't take is shirt off. What he does do is keep you laughing with a short routine providing a hilarious interlude in a very sexy show.

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