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About Le Reve Las Vegas

For those seeking a saucy, sumptuous and all around awe-inspiring evening of entertainment, look no further than Le Rêve at Wynn Las Vegas. You’ll never know how sexy it can be to kick water in someone’s face until you see this show (kinda makes us want to slosh through every puddle we see). An escape from reality, Le Rêve, French for “The Dream,” takes you through passion and heartbreak in a storyline that is about as steamy as it gets…and we’re not talking about the red-hot fire and water action either. The show has so many incredible elements, starting with the theater itself. It’s not small, but it’s very intimate, a lot like the shape of a funnel – so there’s really no bad seat in the house. Delicate fabric flowers flutter down from the ceiling, hiding the most exquisite aerial acrobats that plunge deep into the 27-foot-deep circular pool below. It’s equipped with a mobile platform, which rises and falls for the different scenes. The water elements perfectly accentuate the performers’ chiseled figures, making the already slinky costumes cling in all the right places, if you know what we mean. The fire and fog create intensity and mystery to an already unbelievable submerging set. There’s dancing, acrobatics, synchronized swimmers, divers and so much more. This is one show you can’t miss, just trust us on this one…you’ll forget about all those meetings and to-do lists when you melt into the colorful aquatic wonderland that is Le Rêve.

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