About Gordie Brown Las Vegas


There’s nothing we can say about Gordie Brown that hasn’t already been said. This all around entertainer has been around the block so long that you'd automatically assume you’re friends with him – we do.
Gordie Brown is one of those guys that can one up any impersonator that stands in his way. He seamlessly transforms into so many different celebrities that if you blink, you might miss one. And on top of all that madness, he also sings songs from legends like Michael Jackson, Prince and Willie Nelson – those are all pretty distinct, just sayin’. And if you’re lucky enough and scream a celebrity name, he might just do it on the spot. We’ve been practicing our Yoda voice for awhile, but we might just leave it up to the pro.
Here's your chance to catch a ton of A-listers in one room, if you know what we’re saying. Gordie Brown is back and better than ever.

Gordie Brown

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