About Criss Angel Mindfreak Las Vegas


What do the names Cher, Prince and Kobe have in common? Besides the status that comes with a one-word moniker, it’s their universal association with greatness. And who better to send chills into the spines of observers than MINDFREAK, himself?! Ok, so technically his name is Criss Angel, we get it. But he’s THAT GOOD at magic.


When we say “Criss Angel,” what do you think of? Obviously, it’s his illustrious hair, but aside from that, is it him walking on water? Maybe it’s him swallowing a coin and sliding it down his arm? Or how about that time he hovered inside the light beam above the freakin’ pyramid?! Yeah, the dude’s got talent. And he’s bringin’ all that and a bag of chips to Planet Hollywood. We’re talking more than 75 illusions, never-before-seen tricks and ahh yeah, that hair.


So snag your ticket and get comfortable, because you’re about to have your mind freaked.

Criss Angel Mindfreak

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