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When Carrot Top comes out on stage there's no telling what crazy contraption he's going to pull out next, but classifying him as just a prop comic is an understatement. His wacky inventions are merely an extension of his outrageous and hilariously funny personality. While some jokes are based on items that he pulls from his prop trunks, others rely on his talent as a stand-up comedian and comical commentary on everything from tourists to NASCAR, celebrities and current events.
He introduces a few of his "inventions." "Here's an Amish hair dryer," says Carrot Top as he pulls out a long bendable tube that he has to blow out of and aim at his hair. Next he demonstrates a redneck baby carrier, which is actually a box of beer that has holes cut out of it to fit a baby's head and limbs.
The red-haired comedian barely stops to take a breath as he transitions between frantically searching for a new prop and telling jokes. Before you know it the topic has changed from walking to the Excalibur to his last visit to the porn convention in Las Vegas. "It takes an extra hour to walk around because your feet get stuck to the floor," jokes Carrot Top while people in the audience can't help but keel over laughing.
His show is just as wild and crazy as his big hair and brightly colored tie-dyed T-shirt that he wears during his performance. What seems like a loud fashion statement for most people is mild in comparison to the comedian's uninhibited personality.
You just never know what this crazy comedian is going to say or do next. At times it looks like not even he knows what's going to come out of his mouth, but he admits later on in the show that "A lot of this isn't for you. I'm just entertaining myself."
However, the continuing laughter and buzz from audience members as they exit the theater and re-tell some of his jokes proves that he is doing much more than just that.

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