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Get ready for an R&B flashback in the flashiest of ways as Boyz II Men takes you on a soulful journey with a collection of their hits from years past, a sample of their new music, an a capella quartet demonstration as well as an energetic sample of some of Motown classics.
The group becomes very involved with the audience members, this is not the only interaction that the group makes with the audience. Throughout the show, the group engages with the audience on the floor level even selecting women to dance with at various parts of the performance.  Making it a very personal and humble performance, perhaps this is why these men have retained such a strong following seeing that they truly value their fans' show experience.
Concluding the show with the audience on their feet, the ever-lively, harmonizing group shakes their fans' hands, gives out some hugs and sends off sincere waves to the back of the house before the final curtain closes.  
In the beginning of the group's Mirage residency, Vice President of Hotel Operations Franz Kallao remarked, "All of us at The Mirage are excited to welcome Boyz II Men to our resort, giving guests the opportunity to experience one of the best R&B groups in the music industry," and clearly that welcome is still alive and well as Boyz II Men remain one of the best R&B groups to date.

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