About Blue Man Group Las Vegas


Get ready to experience the ultimate sensory overload when our favorite blue bros take the stage and crank up the volume. An audiovisual encounter unlike anything else on the Strip, the Blue Man Group at Monte Carlo is fun for the whole family and just doesn’t get old no matter how many times you see it.  
The disembodied narrators of the Blue Man Group show profess to know a lot about human nature and social evolution, but the three earless, voiceless, blue-skinned, black-clad stars are oddly oblivious. Through music, movement and only a little bit of verbal communication, you become a part of this production and swim in the sights, sounds and confetti that douse the theater.
Blue Man Group sprinkles its show with good clean fun like variety acts and quick-change illusions, but the core of its appeal is the company's signature music, played on far-out, makeshift instruments. With lighting and special effects, Blue Man Group isn’t a show with a soundtrack — it's a soundtrack with a show.
Seriously fun and unconventionally educational, at the show’s end, you’ll have had a lot of laughs, and have maybe even shaken your caboose. Go ahead and let your jaw drop open, after all, being consumed by entertainment produced by three blue men is a perfectly acceptable reaction.

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