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Human Nature ‘Jukebox’ brings heart to the Las Vegas Strip

In a city that is home to some of the biggest production shows in the world, some dare to say that personality and song driven shows cannot make it long-term in Las Vegas. Having performed in Las Vegas for over 8 years, Human Nature has proven that they don’t have to be the biggest, just the best. Performing in the intimate Sands Showroom at The Venetian, Human Nature is an Australian harmony vocal group. In this show, titled ‘Jukebox,’ they perform popular songs from the 1950’s to the present. Backed by a seven member band, the men of Human Nature belt out hits like “Will You Love Me Tomorrow,” “Under the Boardwalk,” “Ooo Baby Baby,” “Stay With Me,” “Uptown Funk” and others. Taking requests from the audience guarantees that no two shows are exactly the same. If you’re wondering if there are touches of Smokey Robinson in the show, who has heavily endorsed them for years, you will be in for a surprise. I won’t dare spoil the moment, but there is a tribute to Smokey that, besides being brilliantly sung, is also heartwarming.

One of the most fun parts of the show is when Human Nature goes back to the 1990’s to revisit their boy band roots. At one point in their careers, they were Australia’s biggest boy band. If you’re imagining NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, you’ve hit the nail right on the head. While they have left those days behind, for the most part, they do bust out the 90’s dance moves while performing a mash-up of boy band hits. Production wise, although in an intimate theater, Human Nature delivers that big show feeling that people come to expect in Las Vegas. The impressive sound system guarantees you don’t miss a note. The costume changes keep the show relevant to the era of the songs they are performing. The icing on the cake is the addition of two trained dancers who impress the audience throughout the show and bring back the feelings of falling in love with your partner in your arms. The most impressive part of the show isn’t what you hear, but how it leaves you feeling. Songs have a habit of instantly bringing back memories and emotions from days gone by. Human Nature keeps the integrity of each song and sings them the way they were meant to be heard. There are no remixes or spins that turn a classic song into something unrecognizable. Simply put, it’s the brilliant voices of Human Nature singing the songs you have loved for your entire life. Witnessing Human Nature ‘Jukebox’ will bring you out of your seats to sing along and celebrate the great music of the decades. Relive the memories of your life while basking in the harmonies of Human Nature. Should you see it? YES! Show: Human Nature Jukebox Schedule: Tuesday – Saturday 7:00 P.M Location: The Sands Showroom at The Venetian Tickets: Here Written by Kristopher Kidd Contact Kristopher at KKidd@vegasfool.com Follow VegasFool on Twitter Like VegasFool on Facebook